Afternoon Tea in Vancouver

Warning: long post ahead  I really enjoy reading blogs that compare things: travel destinations, skin care products, restaurants, etc. so I figured it might be enjoyable for others if I compile and compare my

Yolk’s: Great Food Cart, Poor Restaurant

I tried Yolk’s both at their original Stadium Skytrain Station food cart location and at their new restaurant on Clark Dr and East Hastings and I have to say…I wish they didn’t open the

Beta5 Chocolates: Best cream puffs

Note: this review is over the course of 6 months so some items may not be offered anymore Don’t let the name Beta5 Chocolates fool you because they do great desserts too. And by

Day 33: Au revoir Trois-Pistoles

In the morning I forgot our exam starts at 9 am so I went to school early thinking everyone already left yesterday. The exam was pretty easy as it wasn’t cumulative. We also received

Day 32: Presque fini!

Okay I’m ready to stop blogging about my life and documenting every meal. I feel like after 3P I will completely abandon my blog…someone please remind me to keep it alive! Morning: we watched

Day 31: Nous sommes très gâtés

Breakfast: I smelt bacon while getting ready this morning and knowing my host family are very kind people, I was sure we were getting some bacon for breakfast! And voila, not just bacon but

Day 30: Luc Marcheur de Ciel

Morning: We played a game for the entire class where we had to pretend a nuclear bomb fell and there’s only enough space in the bunker at school for 2 people. Each students randomly

Day 29: Massages à Trois-Pistoles?

Lunch: Crab salad sandwich and bean side salad…I’ve never eaten so much salad in my life than I have in Trois-Pistoles Afternoon: there’s an atelier called “Destination Sante” where students learn how to give

Day 28: La dernière brunch et fin de semaine

This morning I went to yoga at Greve Morency as part of Echofete which took 15 min on a bike. The yoga instructor had a cast on her leg and so we had a

Day 27: Beaucoup de filmer et manger

This morning I wanted to sleep in after last night’s concert but I woke up at 8:45am anyway. I still can’t believe a small town like Trois-Pistoles, with a population less than White Rock